S T A T E M E N T 

My projects have ranged from drawing and painting to installation to film, audio slideshow, instrument building, dance, music, soundscapes, performance, to production of large scale month long events containing any or all of the above. Most recently my Focus has been on the study of chronesthesia, a pathway I discovered into the future. My early works explored the dualistic abilities of fire tending and fire fighting, of trap building and trap evading. Primitive skills and how modern man attains such knowledge. I am interested in manuals or diagrams of skills and our teaching process. I want my work to function similarly as It is common for these skills to have metaphoric and symbolic meaning. The successful projects I count remain simple in order to be related to by viewers. As work becomes more complex it becomes more specific, this can be useful and beautiful yet it is less and less digestible to a broad audience. I hope to remain boiled down.