Hailing from the swamps and tundra of Milwaukee Wisconsin, Evan Ross

Murphy's works reflect symbolic discovery and mastery of diverse

theoretical landscapes. Envisioning frontier worlds where primitive skill

sets are still needed, and are won from native guides and hardship. 

With a style informed by his own gathering of these skills, his works, from

painting's and sculpture, to music and film act as a map for adventuring

through his,  and our world.

Currently Living and Working as an Art Director in Los Angeles California.


Racine, Wisconsin February 12, 1983


2005 B.F.A. Painting and Drawing, Peck School of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


2010 Pop Up Gallery, Milwaukee WI

2009 Nameless Bone, Tokyo Japan

2006 Less Arty More Farty, Fasten Gallery Milwaukee WI

2005 Hazard House, Spaights Plaza / Lake Park Milwaukee WI

2004 You’re Name Here, Boulevard Gallery Milwaukee WI


2010 Capsule Labs, Los Angeles California

2010 Haircuts and Popsicles, Actual Size Gallery, Los Angeles

2009 Art Vs Craft, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2008 Art Vs Craft, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2007 Balmoral, Venice California

2007 Paper Boat Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2006 Beginnings, Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2006 BFA Thesis Exhibition, INOVA Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2005 Method 5, UWM Union Art Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2004 Crossing Over, (Invitational Scholarship Exhibition) INOVA Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2004 Not Flat, Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Walkers Point, Wisconsin

2005 Katrina Relief, Lulu, Bay View, Wisconsin

2004 Method 4, UWM Union Gallery

2004 Showdown, Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2003 Art Milwaukee, Gaslight Building, Milwaukee Wisconsin

2003 Donnerstag, Turner Hall Ballroom 2003 Method 3, Union Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin


Actual Size Gallery Los Angeles, Peter Cooper Glue Factory, Bull Valley Mojave Desert CA, Tory Folliard Gallery,

Elaine Ericson Gallery, Hotcakes Gallery, Gallery 218, Kenosha War Machine Museum, Western Publishing Water

Tower Racine, Dean Jensen Gallery, Fasten Coop Gallery, Darkstar Gallery, Katie Gingrass Gallery, Miad Gallery,

Green Gallery, The Globe, Onopa, Cactus Club, Luthers Blues Madison, Riverwest Commons, 8th Note Café, Lyons

Green Bay. (Milwaukee unless otherwise noted)


Take 180 studios                

Directors Bureau                 

Hello and Co.                      

M3 Television                     


Ghost Town Media             



Two Ways Out, Darker My Love

Stuck at Sea, Honorary Title

Laughing With, Regina Spektor

Lunik, Everybody Knows

Kanye West, Welcome to Heartbreak

Gutter Twins, Idle Hands

Takeback Squad, skate 2

Sex Tax, Art Director

Vagrant, Art Director, Writer, Actor

Death Valley, Writer, Actor

Bully, Director Editor

Snare ,16mm Film/Art Direction, Modeler, Location Scout

Infection and Immunity, Director Editor

Hamlet A.D.D Modeler feature,Creative consultant,


Sgt. Slinky, Starring

Snare, 16mm B+W starring

Infection and Immunity, DV Video starring

Bully. DV Video starring

Hamlet A.D.D., Feature Film, as the Messenger, Mecha Gonzago, Mecha Queen, Mecha Claudius

Plastic Fangs, 16mm Color, Skeleton Skateboarder

Ghost Apollo, Documentary, as self

Esta Tu Queres?, DV Video, as Mickey


Showdown, Interdisciplinary Arts Spectacle Executive producer

Art Milwaukee, Event Manager

Donnerstag, Interdisciplinary Arts Spectacle Executive Producer

Hurricane Katrina Continued Relief Benefit, Producer

Zen Benefit, Concert Film Festival Executive Producer

Old Time Radio Revival, Event Planner Founder and President


Hamdroid Productions

Special Entertainment

Frankie Martin

Extreme Critique

Painted Love

Surgery Room Productions

Ghost Apollo

Enemy Red


Rorabeck Memorial Scholarship

Racine Art Guild Scholarship

Honorable mention method 5


MKE Magazine From Junk to Funk

MKE Magazine

UWM Post

The Onion


France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Denmark, England, Canada, Mexico,

Caribbean Islands, New York, Los Angeles, 46 United States


Film Production, Gallery manager for Tory Folliard Gallery, Peltz Gallery Milwaukee , Farm worker, Artist assistant,

Art Director, Prop Master, Set Dresser, Leadman,